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- Mac OS X 10.2.6 or higher
- Java 1.4 or higher
- iPhoto 2, 4 or 5 "library" folder

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webPhoto is officially discontinued...
July 24, 2006
Unfortunately I no longer have time to continue development of webPhoto. It should still work fine for a very long time, unless Apple changes their iPhoto database. I'd like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who has contributed localizations, ideas and donations over the years.
You might try these software packages if webPhoto doesn't work for you or doesn't do something that you want:
- myPhoto
- iPhotoToGallery
So long, and thanks for all the fish!
-- Alex

webPhoto 1.3.5 is Available!
Since several people are still having problems getting the 1.4.x releases to work on their computers and I just don't have time to devote to finding out what the root cause of the image resizing problem is, I'm making the last version of the 1.3 branch available again. If the 1.4 version works for you, it'll be faster and better. If it doesn't, the 1.3 version should.

webPhoto 1.4.1 is Released!
This release fixes all known issues except the one that some users have reported with using the image resizing feature. I've not been able to replicate the problem on any machines I have intimate access to, so it's difficult to troubleshoot the issue. If anyone experiences this problem, please email me your OS and Java versions. Thanks!

webPhoto 1.4 is Released!
It doesn't contain as many features as I would have liked, but it does do the most requested feature - automatic photo resizing. I wanted to get this out as soon as possible and not delay this useful feature any longer.
Regrettably, I don't have as much time to work on this app as I used to. I'm considering creating a project on SourceForge for it and turning the code over as an open source project. If anyone is interested in being a developer on the project, please let me know. Thanks!
-- Alex

What is webPhoto?:
Have you ever wished you could easily put your iPhoto library online? With webPhoto, you can.
webPhoto is a Java web application that reads your iPhoto Library and presents an interface similar to iPhoto via a web browser so that anyone on any platform can view your photos. webPhoto is perfect for multi-platform homes and businesses that have an iPhoto library they would like to share.
- Display the contents of your iPhoto library via a web interface
- Automatically resizes images down for lower-bandwidth users (New!)
- Choose which albums to display
- Show or hide images associated to your iPhoto keywords
- Create user accounts to protect your images
- Require a login to view the photos in your site
- Easily email users to inform them of new photos

How much does it cost?
Nothing! webPhoto is free for your personal use. If you like it and wish to give something back, there is a PayPal donation link in the left column of this website.

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